Can you smoke with a Weber gas grill?

Some of today’s gas grills come equipped with a metal smoker box that sits on top of a dedicated burner. Just turn on the burner and add as many damp wood chips as you like. You can control how quickly they smoke by turning the knob of the burner higher or lower.

Can I use a Weber gas grill as a smoker?

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Can you add wood chips to a gas grill?

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Can you smoke meat on a propane grill?

Propane grills aren’t just for burgers and steaks anymore. With a few tricks, you can mimic the indirect low and slow heat of a traditional smoker and produce quality cuts of slow-smoked barbecue. You can even use it for a simple turkey smoker.

How do you smoke chicken on a Weber gas grill?

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How do you use a smoker box on a Weber grill?

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Can I smoke a brisket on a gas grill?

For gas: Place brisket, fatty side up, on grill grate as far away from lit burner as possible [E]. Cover grill and smoke meat, resisting the urge to open grill often, as this will cause the temperature to fluctuate. Adjust heat as needed to keep temperature steady at 225-250 degrees.

How do you smoke chips on a gas grill?

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Can you smoke a turkey on a gas grill?

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Can you smoke on a propane Weber grill?

Place the pan directly on the bars over an unlit burner or two, preferably in a back corner. Put the cooking grates in place. Turn on the grill, with all the burners on high, and close the lid. When smoke appears, begin cooking your food, adjusting the temperature of the grill as needed.

How do you smoke fish on a Weber gas grill?

  1. Open all of the vents on the Weber grill until they are approximately half open for air to flow through for smoking.
  2. Place the fish on an oiled cooking grate over the wood chips.
  3. Smoke the fish for approximately 2 hours per pound plus 15 minutes for every opening of the lid.
  4. Serve immediately.

Can you slow cook on a gas grill?

Here’s the secret: you don’t have to have a charcoal smoker or wood-fired grill to cook low & slow. You can barbecue just about anything you want, at a slow pace, at a low temperature, and add smoke too, right on your gas grill. And it will be delicious!

How do you turn a gas grill into a smoker?

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Can I smoke meat in a Weber?

Using your Weber as a smoker is a great option if you’re looking to up your braai game. Here’s how to get that awesome smokiness, tender meat and a rich flavour that’s difficult to beat.


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