Does the Weber iGrill 3 work with any grill?

Can I use Weber iGrill 3 on any grill? No. You can’t use the Weber iGrill 3 Bluetooth thermometer on any grill. It is only compatible with the Genesis II, Genesis II LX, and Spirit II series.

How does Weber iGrill 3 work?

The iGrill 3, app-connected thermometer, monitors food from beginning to end, displaying real-time temperatures on your smart device. Once you’ve downloaded the free iGrill app, connect the iGrill to the device, and run up to four thermometer probes from your barbecue to the food (sold separately).

What is i3 grill?

The Weber iGrill 3 mounts directly into your Genesis II or Spirit II gas grill. This app-connected thermometer allows you to monitor the doneness of up to four cuts of meat, from beginning to end, and notifies you on your smart device once food has reached the perfect temperature to serve.

How do I pair my Weber iGrill 3?

  1. Download the Weber iGrill App (Apple and Android)
  2. Enable Bluetooth on your smart device.
  3. Turn on the iGrill Mini, 2, or 3.
  4. Open the Weber iGrill App.
  5. Tap ‘Start Grilling’ followed by ‘Pair’ on the photo of your iGrill Mini, 2, or 3.

How do I install a Weber iGrill 3?

  1. Remove iGrill 3 plate.
  2. Remove LED Fuel Gauge.
  3. Install the included magnet to the tank scale on your grill.
  4. Install bracket underneath side table.
  5. Install three fresh AA batteries into the battery box and mount it using the bracket.

How do I turn off Weber iGrill 3?

To power off the device, hold down the button until the ring glows white, indicating the device powering off. The device itself will also turn off its smart LED ring when not in range of a connected smart device, but wake when in range just like the iGrill2.

Does Weber connect work with Apple Watch?

Completely redesigned for iOS9, this FREE app includes enhanced features and expanded functionality to save you time, build confidence and increase your love for grilling. We’ve even added a built-in timer that works with Apple Watch, so now knowing when to turn your steak won’t mean having to put your beer down.

Does the Weber smart grill need to be plugged in?

Yes. Weber Connect does not control the grill. If your display runs out of battery, your grill will still fully function.

How many probes come with Weber Smart grill?

The Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub can accommodate up to four temperature probes, but it only comes with two: one for internal food temperature and one for ambient temperature.

What is a Weber connect hub?

The Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub is your secret ingredient to perfectly barbecued food. It’s a step-by-step grilling assistant that sends notifications directly to your smart phone, on everything from a food-readiness countdown, to when it’s time to “flip-and-serve”.


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