Does Weber have a pellet smoker?

Total grilling space1008 sq in
Bottom grate648 sq in
Top grate360 sq in
Fuel typeWood fired pellet
Temperature range200-600°F

Does Weber make a pellet smoker?

Weber has a new pellet grill in the works, the SmokeFire. Seasoned grill maker Weber has a new smoker in the works, and it burns wood pellets. Called the Weber SmokeFire, this cooker runs on hardwood pellets just like a Traeger. Those pellets make for delicious, smoke-fired flavor in the food it cooks.

Which is better Traeger or Weber?

FINAL VERDICT – In a competition between Traeger and Weber, Traeger will almost always win. The charcoal smokers from Weber often impart a strong flavor that completely overpowers the meat, but the hardwood pellets that Traeger smokers use will impart a much more subtle flavor.

Will Traeger pellets work in Weber?

Weber Wood Pellets
Signature Blend34% Maple33% Hickory33% Cherry

Where are Weber SmokeFire made?

SmokeFire Grills are manufactured in Huntley, Illinois, using globally sourced parts. The electrical components, cooking grates, pellet chute, firepot, heat baffle, pellet grate, and controller bezel have a three year warranty.

When was Weber SmokeFire released?

Conclusion. We’ll have to wait until the release of the SmartFire on February 10, 2020 before we can reach a final verdict, but from what we’ve seen it looks promising. The searing capability looks like the killer feature that will make this grill stand out from the competition.

How do you season a Weber pellet grill?

Weber SmokeFire First Time Use – YouTube

Does Weber have pellet grills?

The Weber SmokeFire EX6 pellet grill has plenty of room to cook, and it’ll sear at high heat.

How do you sear a Weber pellet grill?

Weber SmokeFire Direct Cooking – YouTube

How long does it take for a Weber pellet grill to heat up?

It was quick to react to temperature changes – It reached 250°F in about 10 minutes, and 600°F in 17 minutes. Changing from low to high temperatures was equally reactive (although we had to open the grill lid to let out excess heat when going from high to low temperatures).


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