How do you smoke a turkey in a Weber kettle grill?

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How long does it take to smoke a turkey on a Weber kettle?

You can cook as low as 225F degrees, which will take about 30 minutes per pound. I prefer cooking the bird at 300-350F degrees, which takes about 15 minutes per pound. I like the higher temp, because it creates a crispier skin, and I like that I can cook a 12-pound bird in around three hours.

When smoking a turkey do you put directly on grill?

My solution is to smoke the turkey directly on the grill grates, with a roasting pan filled with 1″ water underneath the grates, about 3-4 inches from the meat. This will keep the cooking environment moist but let the turkey get evenly crisp on the outside. 2. Turkeys should not be trussed.

What temperature should a smoked turkey be?

Set the smoker to 225° F. Place the turkey on a cooking rack and cook for 8 to 12 hours or until the inner thigh temperature reaches 180° F. Check the temperature of your turkey after 3½ hours. Your turkey must pass through a critical range of 40° F to 140° F in 4 hours or less.

What position do you smoke a turkey?

Keep the turkey off the coals – Tie the legs and position the turkey, breast up, on the grill above the pan of water, so that the leg are pointing towards coals, where it’s hottest. This way the legs are more exposed to the higher temperatures, while the lean breast meat is further from the more intense heat.

What do you need to brine a turkey?

The basic ratio for a wet turkey brine is to use 2 cups of kosher salt or coarse sea salt for every 2 gallons of water. The benefit of a wet brine is that it can work slightly quicker than a dry brine because it infuses the entire turkey in a salty solution.

How do you set up a smoked turkey?

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How do you smoke on a charcoal grill?

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How long does it take to smoke a turkey in a Weber smoker?

Depending on the temperature maintained in the smoker, a whole turkey can take as little as 3 hours, for a 12 pound bird smoked at 325 degrees. At 240 to 250 degrees, the same whole turkey would take about twice as long.

Should you truss a turkey when smoking?

Truss the Turkey – The point of trussing is to make the surface of the bird a more regular shape. Sometimes, this can prevent hotspots on certain parts of the bird, which could dry out the meat.

How long do you smoke a 22.5 lb turkey?

Low & Slow Smoked Turkey – Smoke your turkey at the low temperature of 225 degrees F for approximately 6-8 hours for a 22 pound turkey. Remove turkey from the brine and pat dry with paper towels (this is an important step, don’t skip it).

How long does it take to cook a turkey on the Weber grill?

To calculate the cooking time for turkey, allow for 20 minutes, plus an additional 20 minutes per kilogram. For example, for a 5kg turkey, allow 20 minutes plus 5 x 20 minutes for a total of 120 minutes.

What size turkey is best for smoking?

Whole turkeys that weigh 12 POUNDS OR LESS are the recommended size for safe smoking. A larger turkey remains in the “Danger Zone” – between 40°F and 140°F – too long. Doesn’t mean don’t do them, just consider food safety when you do.

How long should a smoked turkey rest before carving?

3. The turkey needs to rest before carving. About 45 minutes or so gives it time to reabsorb the juices; otherwise they’ll dribble out when you slice, and the meat will be dry. Don’t tent the turkey with foil to keep it warm while it’s resting; it’s unnecessary and will make the skin soggy.

How do you raise the temperature on a Weber Smokey Mountain?

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How do you use a Weber Smokey Mountain 14 inch?

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Can you smoke a turkey on a Weber gas grill?

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How do you cook a turkey on a Weber kettle?

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How long does it take to cook an 18 pound turkey at 350 degrees?

If your turkey weighs 18 to 20 pounds, roast it at: – 350°F for 4 to 4¼ hours. 325°F for 4¼ to 4½ hours.

How do you BBQ a turkey crown?

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What is best wood to smoke turkey?

  1. Pecan. One of the most common woods used in meat smoking, pecan provides an excellent combination of sweetness, smokiness, and sharpness to your turkey meat.
  2. Maple.
  3. Cherry.
  4. Alder.
  5. Hickory.
  6. Oak.
  7. Mesquite.


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