How do you use a char broil hybrid?

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Can you use normal briquettes on a hybrid BBQ?

Good quality Briquettes are ideal for use with the Hybrid system as they provide a nice long, even burn that doesn’t peak in heat too quickly.

What gas do I need for my Char Broil BBQ?

All Char-Broil gas grills ship with a propane gas regulator and hose, this clips on to the gas bottle.

Do you need lava rocks for gas grill?

So do gas grills still need lava rock? Nope! You don’t need lava rock in a gas grill that’s equipped with heat plates. In fact, adding lava rock could damage it.

How long does it take a char-broil grill to heat up?

All of our Char‑Broil grills will cook better when you preheat the grill beforehand — for both gas and charcoal. Plus, preheating helps remove some of the residue from prior use. How long should you preheat it? A good rule of thumb is about 15 minutes for maximum temperature or searing.

How long should you let a new BBQ burn?

Never use a grill with even a small leak. Clean away dust, oil, adhesives, coatings, and other gunk that may have accumulated on your BBQ grill at the factory or the store by burning it for 20 to 30 minutes before the first use.


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