How Much BBQ for 100 Guests?

Number of people to be servedPounds of each food group
100 People25 lb.
150 People37.5 lb.
200 People50 lb.
300 People75 lb.

How do you BBQ for 100 guests?

As a general rule, plan eight ounces of meat for each guest. Plan to make or purchase three to four side dishes, allowing four ounces of each side per person. Guests will also want dessert, so make sure that each guest has the option for at least four ounces of dessert once the BBQ winds down.

How much meat do you need for a party of 100?

Chicken or turkey breast8–9 pounds32–36 pounds
Fish (fillets or steaks)7-1/2 pounds30 pounds
Hamburgers6-1/2–9-1/2 pounds26–30 pounds

How much food should I buy for a BBQ?

Rules to Plan By

Each adult will consume 1 pound of food total; children, about 1/2 pound. The more options you have, the less you need of each; decrease the main course portion sizes by 1 to 2 ounces if served on a buffet. Guests will always eat — and drink — more at night than during the day.

How do you plan a BBQ meal?

  1. grilled meats, such as brats, hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, or steaks.
  2. a side salad, such as macaroni, potato, or pasta.
  3. a veggie tray and/or fruit tray.
  4. a fun dessert that is easy to serve and eat out of doors, like donuts or popsicles.

How do you grill a lot of burgers?

  1. Grill your burgers over high heat.
  2. Avoid using your spatula to press down on your burgers while cooking.
  3. Flip your burgers only one time–about 3 minutes on each side for medium rare plus.
  4. If you get a flare up, cover the grill.
  5. Allow your burgers to rest for a few minutes before serving.

How many people can a rack of baby back ribs feed?

The average weight of a rack is 1-1/2 to 2 pounds and will feed up to two people. Baby Back ribs are very tender and lean. But, because they are higher in demand, the price can be higher as well.

How many kg of beef do I need for 200 people?

Total would be 28.2 kg to 181.4 kg of steak.

How much meat do I need for 120 people?

Boneless Meat: 1/2 lb. per person for adults and 1/4 lb. per person for children. Bone-In Meat: 1 lb.

How do you cook a big group steak?

Opt for 36- to 42-ounce cuts, and aim to have about five to six ounces of meat per person. This way, even for a large party of 12 to 14 people, you’d only need to cook two steaks.

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