Should my outdoor kitchen be covered?

An outdoor kitchen is exposed to the elements. Even if you don’t use it often, the appliances and surfaces will need to be covered and maintained to withstand changing weather.

How do you protect an outdoor kitchen?

One way to keep your outdoor kitchen in top shape and protected from the elements is by adding a roof, pergola or other covering. Not only will a roof keep your kitchen cleaner and protected, but it will keep the area cooler from sun exposure. A roof can even make the area usable in inclement weather.

How do I keep my outdoor kitchen from rusting?

Wipe down the exteriors with a stainless steel polish. If you have stone countertops, seal them to prevent them from getting cracked or chipped due to frozen moisture. We can recommend some good sealants. Clean your grill inside and outside, including grates and drip pan.

How can I cover my outdoor kitchen from the rain?

For a semi-permanent outdoor covering for an outdoor kitchen, consider a pergola with a retractable awning. An awning will give protection from hot sun, plus shelter from rain so that wet weather won’t ruin the occasion and can either be manually-operated or motorised for extra ease and speed.

What do you do with an outdoor sink in the winter?

Outdoor Kitchen Winterize and Update – YouTube

How do I protect my outdoor BBQ Island?

Cover the outdoor kitchen with a tarp in the off-season. – You should also take care to cover the BBQ grill (or any other type of cooking apparatus) portion of the outdoor kitchen island whenever it is not in use. The grill head should be covered to help protect it from bird dropping and such during the season.

How do I protect my outdoor built in grill?

Keep the grill covered. The cover helps to keep water from getting into the vents and drip tray. Wipe all exterior surfaces of the grill down at least once a month with a stainless steel cleaner. Most cleaners have a protective oil in them that will stay on the surface for a time.

How do I protect my outdoor BBQ?

How To Protect Stainless Steel BBQ Grill From Rusting – YouTube

Can you leave stainless steel table outdoors?

Metals such as iron and steel easily corrode – showing yellow or orange rust – within the natural environment and are called active metals. The two grades of stainless steel most referenced in relation to outdoor environments are 304 and 316L, also known as marine-grade stainless steel.

How do I winterize my outdoor refrigerator?

To winterize the outdoor refrigerator, turn off the appliance and unplug it. Clean the inside thoroughly with soap and water. You might want to avoid using an outside refrigerator cover, which could only allow moisture to accumulate and damage the appliance.

Can an outdoor kitchen be enclosed?

Whether you choose a gazebo, a pergola or an enclosed porch, you can’t go wrong in selecting some sort of coverage for your new outdoor kitchen.

What to know before building an outdoor kitchen?

  1. Budget. It is important to determine an affordable budget and stick to it.
  2. Location, Location, Location. Consider the climate and environment where the home is located.
  3. Layout.
  4. Functionality.
  5. Design Options.
  6. Appliances.
  7. Bar.
  8. Lighting.

How far should an outdoor kitchen be from the house?

“To prevent fire, the grill or any heat-producing appliance should be at least 10′ feet from the house or from any combustible material,” says landscape architect Richard Gibney of Gibney Design Group. Be sure to light the kitchen adequately, and don’t forget surrounding areas, like steps and paths.

Can you have a grill on a screened in patio?

Grill Placement – Never place a charcoal grill in an enclosed area, such as a screened porch or balcony. Also, be careful when using a charcoal grill on a wood deck; embers from the grill can scar the wood and might even cause a fire.

How do I protect my outdoor kitchen in the winter?

  1. Shut off water lines.
  2. Drain all water lines.
  3. Position drain valves for winter.
  4. Clean out the refrigerator.
  5. Prepare the ice maker.
  6. Clean the sink.
  7. Take care of the grill.
  8. Winterize your cabinets.

Should I cover my outdoor kitchen in winter?

It’s best to cover everything because wind can still blow rain and snow on the furniture. Over several months, this can wear down your furniture or cause damage. Of course, don’t forget about other items in your outdoor kitchen. Any decor should be stored away until the weather becomes favorable.

Do you need to winterize an outdoor refrigerator?

Whether you own vacation property or simply have a patio or deck that features an outdoor refrigerator, it is important to winterize this appliance to prevent severe mold and mildew growth from engulfing the fridge’s interior.

How do I run water to my outdoor kitchen?

  1. Add a water supply line from inside the house, with shutoff valves and drain plugs at the lowest point.
  2. Run the supply line through the wall of the house and out to the outdoor kitchen.
  3. Route the pipe through the bottom of the outdoor sink base cabinet.

How do I keep my outdoor appliances clean?

Don’t Neglect Your Outdoor Grill Appliances – Wipe off residue with soapy water and a cloth and then rinse. Aside from the grate, it’s important to check its other components, too, like burners, valves, and hoses. If you have a gas grill, don’t ignore the burners. Use a stiff brush periodically to clean off grease.

How do you winterize a sink?

  1. Shut off the main water valve, and then turn off the water pump and the water heater.
  2. Open all drain valves and all taps.
  3. Using air compressors, blow excess water out of the pipes.
  4. Open the drain valve in your hot water tank and let it discharge until it is empty.

Can I have an outdoor sink?

An outdoor sink is great when you have a garden. You can rinse off just-picked fruits and veggies and keep dirt out of the house. You can also use the sink to prepare cut garden flowers for a vase.

Can any faucet be used outside?

Outdoor faucets – Pick a faucet that is made with heavy-duty and non-corrosive materials, like stainless steel, to ensure your faucet will endure all weather conditions. Your outdoor kitchen faucet will have to withstand rain and sleet, so the best outdoor faucet is a sturdy one.

What do you do with an outdoor kitchen in the winter?

  • Drain your outdoor faucet(s).
  • Drain sprinklers.
  • Clean and polish your stainless steel grill.
  • Turn off your gas line.
  • Polish your cabinetry.
  • Store all your outdoor furniture.
  • Empty your refrigerator and freezer.
  • Clean out your ice maker.

How do you keep outside kitchen pipes from freezing?

To keep pipes from freezing and potentially bursting, we recommend that you shut off all water supply lines that lead to the kitchen from your indoor plumbing system. Begin by draining the pipes so that no water is left in them. Then, if possible, turn off the water supply that feeds pipes to your outdoor kitchen.


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