What does DCS stand for in grills?

DCS stands for Dynamic Cooking Systems and is one of the best grills for outdoor kitchens.

Where is DCS grill model number?

BGB-Battery ignition, Silver knobs, Curved roll top lid. The numbers after the DCS, BGA or BGB is the width of the grill in inches. This will determine the number portion of the model number. Letters after the dash indicate features of that unit.

How do you cook a steak on a DCS grill?

Ribeye Steak | Cooking on a DCS Grill – YouTube

How do you use a rotisserie on a DCS grill?

DCS Grill Rotisserie | DCS by Fisher & Paykel – YouTube

How do you turn on a DCS grill?

How to Ignite A DCS Grill | DCS by Fisher & Paykel – YouTube

Who makes DCS appliances?

Acquired in 2004 by appliance industry innovator Fisher & Paykel, DCS continues to develop advanced high-end kitchen equipment from their headquarters and factory in Huntington Beach, CA. DCS designs professional-grade grills to elevate your outdoor cooking experience.

When did Fisher Paykel buy DCS?

In 2004, Fisher & Paykel acquired Dynamic Cooking Systems Inc (DCS), a US-based company specializing in outdoor and indoor cooking products – making a new suite of products available in Australia and New Zealand.

Is Fisher and Paykel high end?

When it comes to purchasing a high-end range, you want to make sure you get exactly what you want. Manufacturers who make the best high-end range include Viking, Wolf, and Fisher & Paykel. If you’re looking for a professional-level cooking experience, then these are the brands for you!

What are DCS grill grates made of?

Product Description. DCS Replacement Cooking Grids are Stainless Steel and made for 36″ and 48″ DCS Grills. DCS grilling grates are made of durable stainless steel, grates are reversible.

How long do DCS grills last?

DCS builds a grill to last a lifetime. The grill is built with 304 grade stainless steel. DCS stands behind their product and we have complete confidence in them. Nevertheless, DCS includes a lifetime warranty on all stainless steel components (excludes discoloration or surface corrosion).


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