What is the difference between a Smokey Joe and premium?

Our standard Smokey Joe has dampers on the lid and the bottom of the bowl, which makes it very similar to our full size charcoal models, but the Smokey Joe Premium is a little different. The Smokey Joe Premium features two vents that are on the side of the bowl, rather than on the bottom.

How hot can a Smokey Joe get?

TVWBB Member. do you know what temps you are getting with the lid on? You should easily be able to get 400-500 at the grate with the lid on and the intakes open.

Can you put a Smokey Joe on a table?

The Smoky Joe has legs, so it won’t burn anything. I have a piece of heavy vinyl (bought a piece off a roll at JoAnn’s) that we set it on so grease won’t drip on the table, but we love our Smoky Joe and use it on the table! PS, the foil idea is a good one. Not all Smokey Joe’s have a bottom vent.

How do you use the vent on a Weber Smokey Joe?

WSM Temperature Adjustment – A Simple Explanation – YouTube

Who was Smokey Joe?

Joseph Williams (April 6, 1886 – February 25, 1951), nicknamed “Cyclone Joe” and “Smokey Joe”, was an American right-handed pitcher in Negro league baseball. He is considered one of the greatest pitchers of all-time and was elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1999.

How many burgers can you fit in a Smokey Joe?

Weber Smokey Joe 14” is indeed 14.5 inches in diameter. To put that size into perspective, you’d reasonably be able to fit around three large steaks or six burgers at a time.

How do you clean a Smokey Joe?

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How do you light a Weber Smokey Joe?

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