What temperature should I use the Traeger blanket?

Safety & Usage – We recommend only using an Insulation Blanket when the ambient temperature is 30° F (-1°C) or lower. Insulation blankets should also only be used when the grill’s temperature is 350 degrees or lower.

What temperature should my Traeger blanket be?

Safety & Usage – We recommend only using an Insulation Blanket when the ambient temperature is 30° F (-1°C) or lower. Insulation blankets should also only be used when the grill’s temperature is 350 degrees or lower.

Do I need an insulated blanket for my Traeger?

Your Traeger doesn’t need to hibernate all winter. When the weather dips below freezing, throw on a Thermal Insulation Blanket and get your smoke on. It’s heat resistant and acts as a buffer between the elements and your grill, which reduces the amount of fuel needed to compensate for freezing outdoor temperatures.

Can you put a blanket over a Traeger?

If you live in a region that reaches 35°F or colder, simply wrap up your rig with an insulation blanket and keep on cooking outdoors on your Traeger, year-round.

Can I put a blanket on my smoker?

The great thing about using an insulation blanket is that you can use it on just about any smoker. You do not need a specific size like you would with an insulation jacket. All you will need to do is to wrap the blanket around the smoker so that you retain the heat being produced.

Can you leave Traeger outside with cover?

The short answer is yes, you can leave a pellet grill outside if you follow a few simple tips. The longer answer is that you will see less lifespan of certain components compared to storing a pellet smoker under a covered space or in a garage. But there is no danger for your grill not working.

How do I keep my Traeger warm in cold weather?

Using A Traeger In Winter – Ace Hardware – YouTube

Does cold weather affect pellet smokers?

As the temperature outside decreases, specifically when it gets below 35 degrees Fahrenheit, the rate with which your hardwood pellets burn increases. By bundling up your pellet grill just like you bundle yourself up, you can decrease the rate at which you’re burning fuel to stay at temperature.

Can you use a Traeger in the garage?

As long as your door is up, smoker is near it, and not around anything flammable you’ll be good

What is a Traeger blanket made of?

Cover TypeGrill Blanket
MaterialFoiled-Back Heat-Resistant Fabric
Primary ColorGray
Grill ModelPro 34

Is the Traeger blanket worth it?

Top positive review – My brother said his Traeger blanket saved pellets in cold weather, so after talking to him I decided to order one. Used it for the first time today. The blanket went on easily & fit the grill perfectly. The temps this a.m. was below 0 when the meat started smoking.

Can you use Traeger blanket in summer?

It was a gift, so giddy up, use it Left it on last summer, no issues, but came across info today and verified it on the Traeger site; Not recommended for use in outdoor temperatures over 35 degrees Fahrenheit.

How do you insulate a Traeger grill?

Brief Look at How a Welding Blanket Insulates the Traeger Smoker

Do welding blankets insulate?

When it comes to working with high temperatures, a fiberglass welding blanket can definitely withstand the heat that the smoker gives off in the cooking process. This will create an insulation layer that will keep the heat inside.

Does cold weather affect grilling?

With cold weather, your grill will take longer to heat up. Give yourself extra time before throwing anything down in the winter. Fuel use: A longer heating time requires more fuel for your grill or smoker. Cold temperatures also mean your grill has to work harder and use more fuel to maintain the temperature you want.

How do you insulate a pellet smoker?

How To Insulate Your Pellet Grill! / Using An Insulated Thermal Blanket …

Does the pit boss insulated blanket work?

Don’t Waist Your Money (Pit Boss Insulated Blanket) – YouTube

How do you insulate a vertical smoker?

Insulating jackets are a popular option used to insulate vertical smokers. These insulating jackets feature an aluminium foil insulation. As you know, aluminium is among the most effective insulating materials. This is because aluminium reflects heats and contains thermal radiation.

How do you insulate a built in grill?

Aspire Insulated Grill Jackets – YouTube

Can I put a blanket on my pellet smoker?

If you have purchased a pellet grill, you have most likely asked yourself if it is worth the extra investment for a thermal blanket, especially when you still need a regular cover, and you just purchased an expensive pellet grill. Here’s your short answer—yes. It will save you time and money and pay for itself!


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