What time should I line up for Franklin BBQ?

Best time to go is on a weekday. They are closed on Mondays. The summer is the busiest. From April to November line waits are 2+ hours.

When should I stand in line for Franklin BBQ?

So, how long is the line at Franklin bbq? About 3-4 hours if you try to get at the front of the line on a weekday. A little longer than that if you show up on a weekend or holiday. About 1 hour if you show up after they’ve opened, but there’s a good chance they’ll be out of some of the meats.

Is there a line at La barbecue?

La Barbecue opens at 11am, with a line fully stocked with 30 or so hungry meat eaters ready to devour massive amounts of protein. The line moves rather quickly however you can expect to get to the front with in 30-45 minutes.

How many brisket does Franklin BBQ Cook a day?

We cook 106 briskets a day.

How long does Aaron Franklin rest his brisket?

The brisket is done when it’s tender around 205 degrees, pulled it off the smoker and wrap it in towels and let it rest for one to two hours. It will carryover cooking, getting more tender and reabsorb juices. Don’t skip this very important step!

What smoker does Franklin BBQ use?

Aaron Franklin, master barbecue pitmaster and owner of Franklin Barbecue, has designed and released his own smoker. The pit is an offset smoker (the firebox, where the fuel burns, is attached to the hip of the grill) made of 600-plus pounds of steel.


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