What’s the difference between Weber Q 1000 and 2000?

The difference between the 1000 and Weber Q1200 is the durable cast iron aluminium lid with the thermometer. A definite essential if you are BBQing different elements as you need to make sure the heat is a constant temperature. The premium 2000 also has a higher lid for cooking larger cuts of meat.

What’s the difference between Weber Q 1000 and 1200?

What is the difference between a Weber Q1000 and a Q1200 BBQ? – The Q1200 has the following features compared to the Q1000: Side Tables, a taller lid profile (so you can do beer can chicken etc), a built in thermometer and electronic ignition rather than a mechanical push button.

Is Weber Q 2000 Big enough?

Weber Baby Q Series (2000 and 2100) – It will feed up to 6 people.

Does the Weber Q 1000 have a battery?

To light the grill, an electronic ignition system is installed on the handle of the grill, and is powered by a single AAA battery. If the battery dies, the electric ignition system will not produce a spark and the grill must be manually lit. To resume usage of the electric ignition system, replace the battery.

How much does the Weber q1000 weigh?

Item Dimensions LxWxH16.5 x 27 x 14.5 inches
Item Weight16.4 Ounces

What are the dimensions of a Weber Q1200?

Item Dimensions LxWxH20.5 x 40.9 x 24.6 inches
Item Weight1 Pounds



Differences between Weber Q gas grills

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