Where to Put BBQ in Backyard?

Always place grills on a flat, clean surface away from any potentially flammable debris such as rubbish bins or mulch. The same goes for low-lying trees and hedges. Make sure there are no low-hanging branches in the vicinity of your BBQ.

How far should a barbeque be from the house?

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and many builders recommend placing your grill at least 10 feet away from any structure, including overhangs that are flammable, such as awnings. A less conservative recommendation is at least 3 feet away from a house, usually given by manufacturers.

How far should a barbecue be from a fence?

How Much Clearance Does a Grill Need? It is recommended that the grill should at least be 3 feet away from the house, fence, or any structures. Regardless of what type of grill you have, see to it that you follow the 3-foot rule when you set up the grill outdoors.

Can you put grill Against house?

Not Giving the Grill Enough Space

Your grill—whether it’s charcoal or gas—should be at least 10 feet away from deck railings and any structures, like your home, garage or sheds.

Can I put charcoal grill on deck?

Same as with a gas grill there is always a risk of fire when cooking over live flame, but with the proper safety measures, a charcoal grill is perfectly safe on your patio. Read on to discover a few top tips for preventing any damage to your wooden deck while grilling.

Can you put a grill next to vinyl siding?

Fired-up grills must be placed at least 10 feet away from the house, or vinyl siding will melt (which also releases toxic gases). A close proximity to wood siding could easily lead to the wood catching on fire and burning (since that’s what wood does).

Can I leave my grill outside in the rain?

Yes, leaving Weber gas or charcoal grill outside in the rain can make it wet. However, you can still keep your grill outside in the rain or winter. It will not cause any harm if you’ve covered the grill. If you’re worried about residual water in the grill, run the grill so that maximum water can be dried off.

Is it safe to leave a BBQ in the garage?

Don’t barbecue in a garage or other enclosed space. Do use long-handled utensils and oven mitts when cooking. Don’t wear loose clothing that could potentially catch fire. Do keep children and pets away from the barbecue.

How close can a BBQ be to wood?

The grill should be 24 inches away from any combustible material.

How far away from a fence should a grill be?

Keeping 10ft of distance between your grill and your vinyl fence is advised if you’ve got nothing to protect your fences from the heat, smoke, and flames that will almost certainly damage them.

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