Which city in Texas has the best BBQ?

Austin, Texas – Best known for music and barbecue, Austin is a can’t-miss on the barbecue trail. From fine-dining to truck stop, every smoker adds their own spin and style to the traditional sweet and tangy tomato-based sauce.

What town in Texas has the best BBQ?

A road trip to Lockhart, Texas is an irrefutable barbecue rite of passage. About 35 miles southeast of Austin and boasting a population of about 13,000, the town is even officially known as the Barbecue Capital of Texas, according to the Texas Legislature.

Who is the owner of truth BBQ?

Leonard Botello IV is the owner and pitmaster behind critically acclaimed TRUTH BBQ. Botello opened TRUTH BBQ Brenham in a small shack off a rural highway that runs between Austin and Houston in the summer of 2015.

What city is known for the best BBQ?

Overall Rank (1=Best)CityOverall Score
1St. Louis, MO49.41
2Kansas City, MO46.45
3Chicago, IL37.27
4Springfield, MO37.11

Where in the US has the best BBQ?

  • City Butcher and Barbecue — Springfield, Missouri.
  • Heirloom Market BBQ — Atlanta.
  • Smoque BBQ — Chicago.
  • J.R.’s Roadhouse BBQ Pit — Summerset, South Dakota.
  • Gates Bar-B-Q — Multiple locations.
  • B.T.’s Smokehouse — Sturbridge, Massachusetts.
  • The Shaved Duck — St.

How many barbecue restaurants are in Texas?

In terms of total barbecue places, Texas leads the nation, with 2,238 total restaurant locations and 1,931 independent locations. California came in second (1,162 joints) and Florida is third (856).

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